Alfajores, continued

Remember that story I told you about a Chef who courted me with cookies?

Well I’m pleased to report that the courtship is still going… A few weeks ago he made me a batch of my favourite cookie in question, this time in my very own kitchen.

How about an early Christmas present? he asked, pulling the recipe magically out of his sleeve.

Yes, please! I exclaimed, clapping like a seal.

Alfajore dough

Alfajore dough

While I’ve been sworn to recipe secrecy in honour of the restaurant where he earns his keep, below I will tell you the easy trick to making cheater’s dulce de leche from a simple can of condensed milk.

Alfajore Cookies

The biscuits were powdery and light – mostly because of high ratio of cornstarch to flour in them…

Alfajore Cookies

Now to produce your very own can of dulce de leche… At the restaurant they stand by the stove stirring milk for hours, but most people just make it quickly by taking a can of condensed milk, submerging it fully in a large pot of water, and boiling for three hours.

wikiHow does a good job of explaining the method here – my only addition is to be sure that the can is submerged the whole time by topping up the water frequently. Otherwise the lid will blow off and then you’ll have a sticky mess on your kitchen ceiling and potentially your hair/eye.

And a spread of dulce de leche goes well on many things… on toast, on cookies, on spoons, on cheesecake. Anywhere caramel can go, dulce de leche can go further. In fact, I’d really like a banana dulce de leche sandwich right about now….

Dulce de leche

C. efficiently and expertly made them on the afternoon before his flight home for the holidays. And as we were impatient and in a hurry, the last tray was assembled quickly – smooshed rounds instead of neatly scalloped cookie-cutter-rounds.

But those made for the best bites. Once we’d kissed farewell and he jet-setted for Pearson, I sat on my couch in the late afternoon light, dipping the imperfect edges into tea, thinking about how it felt like a million bucks to be his girl.

Cookie Cutter

So on that very sappy and romantic note, I wish you a late Happy Christmas and hope you will take the time to spoil someone, be spoiled and spoil yourself this holiday season.


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